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Costco – 686885 – Coast 1000 Lumen LED Adjustable focusing Flashlight – HP550

December 4, 2012



I am a big flashlight collector and when my eyes caught the “1000 lumens” and “Adjustable Focusing” packaging I had to take look.  For $50, even at 900 lumens (I don’t believe manufacturer stated lumens rating) is a great deal.  The really cool thing about this flashlight is that the head can switch from a focus beam to wide dispersion by simply moving the head forwards and backwards.  I found the focused beam to be very tight which is very good for this price range.  What are my credentials for saying this?  I own 10 Surefire flashlights, which are the best of the best in LED flashlights.  More over, Surefire spends millions in R&D to manufacture a lens that can accurately focus an LED light, which are very difficult to focus.  So yes, I know a good focus beam when I see one.  One other thing about Surefire is that they are battle tested in the military especially Specials Ops and the Navy SEALS.  And finally they are not cheap costing around $500 for 800 lumens.  The HP550 is very, very bright and although I can’t say for sure it is pumping out at least 1000 lumens, it is equal if not brighter than my 800 lumen Surefire (FYI, Surefire is only one of a handful of flashlight manufacturers that underestimates their lumen ratings).  Upon examining the wide beam, it seems to be very uniform and high dispersion.  I wasn’t a fan of Coast flashlights before but given two great features and the fact that this is being carried by Costco with their (virtually) lifetime return policy, it was a no brainer.

A quick search on Amazon shows it selling between $74.99 and $89.94 PLUS $6.99 Shipping making this a steal.  The item number is listed above so you should be able to call your nearest Costco warehouse and they can tell you if they have it or if it’s coming in soon.  I just saw this today at the Automation Parkway Costco in San Jose, CA

Verdict: Costco

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