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Costco – Item 753827 – Costco Chicken Coop!

April 11, 2013

Costco once again answers my (and my wife’s) prayers!  We were looking through the Williams-Sonoma catalog and dreamed of their $1,500 chicken coop.  Two weeks later browsing Costco on Senter Road in San Jose, I spotted the Chicken coop hanging high (don’t ask me why it was not displayed on the floor). Of course I bought it at a steal for $179.99!  I read the online reviews and many complained of the poor construction and weak frame.  They must be on something or don’t know the difference between a screwdriver and pliers, but having assembled it carefully all I can say is that it is of excellent quality.  And the frame?  Hella rigid.  These owners that complain that the whole structure is brittle must be living in tornado country.  It ain’t gonna survive a cat 5 tornado!  As long as you take the time to properly assemble it and make sure the screws are aligned, then you should have ZERO issues.  If you have chickens that are on steroids then yes, this will fail on you as well as your front door when hulk chicken comes looking for you.    Did I mention this is a Costco product which means lifetime warranty??  Look on the Internet because this chicken coop is at least double the price and that is the cheapest online price!



Here are some pictures of the coop completely assembled and my son thinking it’s his new playhouse!!

photo 3 photo 5 photo 1


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